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Libre Software | GNU+Linux

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I am slowly translating this site to English so I can offer a Spanish Site and an English Site.

I am currently in the process of translating section 20. I will translate the Blog (section 2) after I finish with all the other sections of the website.

  1. Home
  2. Blog
  3. About the Author
  4. Contact
  5. Calendar
  6. Jami – Free and Open Source Private Communication Software
  7. Personal Computer Diagnostics
  8. Remote Assistance
  9. What is GNU/Linux?
  10. What is GNU/Linux-libre?
  11. Community Enterprise GNU+Linux Distributions
  12. Commercial Technical Support for Free and Open Source Software
  13. The Four Essential Freedoms of Free Software
  14. Use Free Software – Begin Step by Step
  15. If Companies Decide to use Free Software
  16. Free Software for Google® Android®
  17. Free Software for Apple® macOS®
  18. Free Software for Microsoft® Windows®
  19. How to modify LibreOffice to make it look similar to Microsoft Office
  20. Lightweight Linux Distributions For Older Computers
  21. ¿Tiene una computadora vieja? Instale GNU+Linux
  22. Cómo Probar GNU/Linux-libre en Vivo, sin instalarlo
  23. Dispositivos de Hardware que Respetan la Libertad de sus Usuarios
  24. Formatos Libres
  25. Por qué no utilizo macOS
  26. Por qué no utilizo Windows
  27. Cómo cifrar sus correos electrónicos en Outlook utilizando Software Libre
  28. Instalé Devuan GNU+Linux en una máquina virtual
  29. So, You Want Office?
  30. El Costo de Utilizar Software Privativo
  31. Meltdown y Spectre – Vulnerabilidades que todos los procesadores tienen
  32. Descargue Windows 10 Legalmente
  33. Instalé Linux Mint Debian Edition en una laptop Acer Aspire 5253-BZ692
  34. Configure Linux Mint – by Chris Titus Tech
  35. Remoción de Virus en Windows 10
  36. Limpieza de Porquerías en Windows 10
  37. Acer Aspire 5253-BZ692 Powered by Linux Mint
  38. Reemplazar Windows 7 con Linux
  39. Diffen – Compare Linux versus Windows
  40. Trisquel GNU/Linux
  41. Instalé Elive GNU/Linux en una máquina virtual
  42. Distribuciones de GNU+Linux que no utilizan systemd
  43. Parámetros para verificar las distribuciones ligeras de GNU+Linux
  44. Virtualización – Cómo utilizar Windows dentro de Linux
  45. Tutorial by Orca – Installing Linux Mint
  46. Tutorial by HobStar Computing Solutions – Moving to Linux
  47. How To Make Linux Mint Look Like Windows 7
  48. How To Make Linux Mint Look Like Windows 10
  49. How To Make Linux Mint Look Like macOS
  50. Try Linux Mint Without Installing It
  51. Windows Refund Day on February 15 – Twenty-First (21st) Anniversary in 2020
  52. Do You Want To Keep Using Windows and macOS?
  53. Windows 10 Fails Again
  54. Windows 11 Failures
  55. Planned Obsolescence – The Deception of Apple®
  56. Window Refund Day on February 15 – Twenty-Second (22nd) Anniversary in 2021
  57. Podcast Managers that are Free and Open Source Software
  58. Podcasts About GNU+Linux
  59. Window Refund Day on February 15 – Twenty-Third (23rd) Anniversary in 2022
  60. Windows Refund Day on February 15, 2023 – Twenty-Fourth (24th) Anniversary
  61. Gracias por su Apoyo
  62. External Links


Raizaliz Hernández Silva | Plastic Artist · Designer · Photographer

Raizaliz Hernández Silva | Plastic Artist · Designer · Photographer, Puerto Rico

Farmasi by Family Group Yadivelis

Farmasi by Family Group Yadivelis, Yadilka (Yara) (787) 396-3346, Ivelitza (Ive) (787) 349-9441, Puerto Rico

Lulu’s Crochet

Lulu’s Crochet, Puerto Rico and United States

Aromas Tropicales

Aromas Tropicales, Ivelisse Mendoza, Scentsy Independent Consultant, (939) 275-4881,, Puerto Rico

Mascotas Consentidas

Mascotas Consentidas, Pet Grooming, (939) 652-8674, WhatsApp, Las Piedras, Puerto Rico

MCA Polish

Floor after being polished by MCA Polish

MCA Polish, Floor Maintenance Specialists, Pedro Figueroa, (939) 416-2651,, Puerto Rico

Tom Marrero Ortiz, Linux Mint Installations

Tom Marrero Ortiz, Linux Mint Installations, Contact, Puerto Rico, Original laptop image courtesy of sarinharas on Pixabay.

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