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Podcast Managers – Free and Open Source

Español | English

Podcast Managers that are Free and Open Source Software

Google® Android®

  1. AntennaPod | Download
  2. Podverse
  3. VideoLAN VLC Media Player
  4. Other Podcast Managers for Android at Podcast Index

Apple® iOS®

  1. Podverse
  2. VideoLAN VLC Media Player
  3. Other Podcast Managers for iOS at Podcast Index

GNU+Linux®, Apple® macOS® and Microsoft® Windows®

  1. VideoLAN VLC Media Player | Download for GNU+Linux | Apple macOS | Microsoft Windows
  2. Clementine Music Player | Download
  3. gPodder | Download for GNU+Linux as a Flatpak, Ubuntu PPA or run from GIT | Apple macOS | Microsoft Windows
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