Do You Want to Keep Using Windows and macOS?

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Do You Want to Keep Using Windows and macOS?

The Chris Titus Tech YouTube Channel inspired me with his video How Proprietary Software Can Help Open Source and Why I Cover Both for me to write this article.

In the video, Chris Titus explains that using proprietary software within an open source operating system can attract the attention of users of proprietary operating systems. Doing so opens up an opportunity to expose the GNU+Linux operating system and open source software to Windows® and macOS® users.

Much has been said about free open source operating systems, such as GNU+Linux. But, not everyone wants to complicate their life by switching from their current Windows® or macOS® operating system.

Although a Windows 10 Home License costs $139.00 USD, if you buy a new computer, it will already have the Windows® operating system installed and activated. The same would happen if you buy a computer from Apple; it will already have the macOS® operating system installed.

The new computer may have a 30-day trial version of Microsoft Office installed. However, you will need to purchase the software after the trial period.

A License for Microsoft Office Home & Student (one-time purchase for 1 computer) costs $149.99 USD.

One way to save that money is by installing alternative open source software. LibreOffice is free software that is very similar to Microsoft Office. It costs nothing and can be installed on Windows® and macOS® to work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

You can modify LibreOffice to make it look as similar as possible to Microsoft Office.

If you want to continue using proprietary operating systems, such as Windows® and macOS®, you can use free software that is made for those systems.

Free Software for Windows®

Free Software for macOS®

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