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Tutorial by Orca – Installing Linux Mint

Español | English

Orca wrote on a WordPress blog, Thar She Blows!, a series of posts about why computer users are not switching to Linux Mint, and are still using the proprietary Windows® operating system.

Orca had published Trying to Find Out, where she expresses, with her very peculiar and humorous style, the reasons why computer users do not switch to Linux Mint, even with all the problems that Windows 10 brings. I agree with the reasons that she expresses. Especially, the laziness to learn and the “convenience” of having a pre-installed Windows system, which they think is free just because it was included.

Included below, are the links to the Tutorial to Install Linux Mint that Orca prepared.

Put Linux Mint on Your Computer Part I

Put Linux Mint on Your Computer Part II

During Part III, Orca had technical problems with her laptop.

Put Linux Mint on Your Computer Part IV

Put Linux Mint on Your Computer Part V

Contrary to what most people think or believe, Windows® is not free. The fact that it is pre-installed in a computer does not mean that it is free or that they can use it however they want. Windows® is so restrictive that Section 2c(ii) of the Microsoft Software License Terms for the Windows Operating System prohibit copying or even lending the software.


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